Sending out same signal on ouptuts 1/2 and 3/4... can I do this?

  • Hey, folks,

    Can't seem to find much of anything in the manual about output config, and I'm wondering if this is possible...

    I'd essentially like it so outputs 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 send out the same signal, so I can send one set to an amp, and another set to a recording device. Currently, if I'm not doing anything in multi mode, I'm not getting any signals out of 3 and 4. Is this possible?


  • Each patch may send only to 1 output (or 2 outs when stereo), however, here are some ideas for you:

    -You can select, say,output "Out1 L+R" and link the L to the amp and the R to the recording device, however, both outputs will be mono.

    Even better:
    -Out1 L+R sends a copy of the signal via SPDIF, so you can link for example the analogue outs to the amp and the SPDIF to the recording device. As a side note another copy of the Out1 of the signal goes out via the headphones port but I don't know if the sound quality is sufficient for recording purposes :)

    Another idea:
    -Usually audio interfaces allow you to send a copy of an input elsewhere by messing around with routing options, provided of course your audio interface supports routing possibilities :)

    Edit one - this just hit me:
    -You may also use the surround out in the config page to set your secondary out , then set the balance of the 2 out options in the common section.

    Hope this helps!