Can't get the Virus TI to show up as instrument in ProTools

  • Hi there- I have a 2007 Virus TI keyboard- I got a new iMac- running El Capitan (10.11.6) and just installed the Virus software- (, connected my Virus via USB. The software update seemed to work fine on my Virus. But when I opened ProTools (12.6.0), and tried to insert a stereo instrument, the Virus does not show up in the plugin list- is there something I'm doing wrong? Have I missed a step?

  • new DAW upgrade ? = break stuff :)
    im not upgrading anything anymore... first virus broke studio one, then studio one broke virus, now virus is totally broken.
    i started from 0 again, it wont work.

    in all likelyhood, some windows update has killed it...

    it show virus connected, then starts "searching for virus" (endless looo), bios upgrade is active, nothing happens.

    what did i do ?
    absolutely nothng at all.... so who can see it on usb, then goes blind ? windows. an update!

  • i meant to say, when an OS goes blind, and dont see your hardware, it is blind, and needs a new driver.
    you upgraded the OS.. there is a new driver in that - 95% it is that failing.
    you upgrade too soon, immediately when released - you never get anything working until after 3-6 months.