No connection - endless search loop

  • Hey,

    I had the virus ti 1, 6 years now.
    its hanged itself, i mean, viris control center.

    first the synth went offline.
    reinstalling driver does nothing.

    plugging the usb port, after windows boot, makes virus control see it and say OK
    BUT then it starts searching for it!

    why search for somerthing that is plugged in and OK ???

    now i can do nothing.
    start from 0, same result. it says ok, then goes into endless SEARCHING for virus.

    windows 7 64 bit - and there is nothing here, it is the software malfuntioning.
    last time i asked for help, i was asked so run latencymon and send OS/information, like i am a complete beginner.

    i am not!
    i did this for 30 years.

    it is the virus software that is malfunctioning.
    this computer is clean.

    but it refuses to work anymore.. says ok, then endless search.

    might i ask, has the bios reflashed itself to death ?
    is my virus bricked ?

    because when the SEARCH begins, it enter bios update mode.

    i never asked for this, and it goes nowhere.
    its not very smart that ACCESS wants to flash anything, when I do not!

    so has is bricked itself to death ?


    virus control finds and see and say all ok, when usb is plugged in
    then enter endless searching for virus message
    and on the synth is is now locked into bios update mode, and nothing is happening.

    help me! :)
    i have over 200 musics here, and am not able to complete them!