New To Virus!

  • Hi All
    Just got a new Virus TI2 Keyboard! What A beast, (Having mainly used VST's for the past 10 years apart from MiicroKorg and SH201) Plugging this into my computer feels like I've died and gone to heaven,
    I've been reading through the forum and see a few posts of people having problems with the Virus, can't say I've had any and my system couldn't be any older (OS XP and Cubase SL3 New system in the new year) I did panic a bit when I plugged it in though, but it works PERFECTLY! NO PROBLEMS at all. Only one personal dislike I'd rather of had a joystick than the wheels. All in all a SUPERB bit of kit.

  • Yes a lot of the problems were fixed with updates, things were a lil harder in the past. Other problems need to have the TI pushed to extremes to notice.

    The TI is quite old now and i'm not sure anyone has tried to do anything similar since. Hats of to Access.

  • Hello, Im new to the Access Virus world. Just purchased an Access Virus Ti2 Keyboard. I think it sounds fantastic! After reading all the forums, I honestly didn't expect to be using it much with Virus Control. I use ProTools 10HD. In less than 30 mins I had Virus control working perfectly. It was almost too easy. I am extremely happy with my purchase! I get lost in creating sounds and browsing presets for hours! And coming from the software world, Virus Control is amazing!