Acces Virus B question about Patches and Os update

  • Hi.

    I have uploaded to my acces virus b with the os 4.9 two package of patches one of little moogy that I found in this forum and another one that I founded at the official Acces download section.

    Today since years I have the synth I know well what does each thing of the synth. But never tried uploaded any patch into the synth.

    Cause I only know that the are only the banks A to H Right?

    The questions are:

    1) Where they appear the pack of patches you upload? I suppose replacing another ones. ( As I say I uploaded the patches but I didin't noticie if they replace or create new ones)

    2) If I do a factory reset... I'm going to delete this new patterns that I uploaded?

    Thank you

  • Hm, I have a Virus B too and also upgraded to the 4.9 using the 1024 patches. For several reasons, I never changed patchs a at my virus sind then, so I cannot answer it precisely. These 1024 patches were introduced by replacing the built in (fabulous!) demo song, once available in the Virus B makeing use of the flash ROM. AFAIK this does not affect the normal behaviour of storing settings in the user banks. Please correct my if I am wrong.

    But AFAIR, there was is detailled desciption bundled with this OS update and the Patch Bank.