Working release of TI os for Windows 7 64bit

  • Hi. I'm sure there have been many threads on this but the search only seems to bring up one thread.
    Is there any ETA on a working driver update for the Virus Ti to work both within either Windows 7 32 and 64bit?

    I have a Q6600, Gigabyte GAP35-DS3P, 4 gig Corsair dominator and the current beta driver doesnt work for me in either platform.
    It loads the OS but there is no communication between the OS and the TI.

    The TI is the last of my software/hardware to become Win 7 compatible. As soon as the TI works, i will fully move over to Win 7 64bit.
    How are developments coming on and is there an urgency to get this problem fixed as i'm certain many TI users are in the same boat as me.

    Thank you

  • Why don't you try out the beta? Is working quite fine for most users and there's a very long dedicated thread where you can read the downsides of it and its advantages.

  • thank you. I tried the 3.3 when it first got released but it isnt working. I'm still having to run it on a separate partition in XP.

    Its not a major problem but really do wanna move fully over to 64bit as soon as. i'm just not using the virus much any more because of it but on the up side, NI reaktor is getting a good seeing to.