Installing 1024 patches on Virus B

  • I have a Virus B... a while back, I updated the OS and it gave me the newer 1024 patches...which matched the Patch list. I believe patch B001 was called First K. A few weeks ago, my A and B banks disappeared. The names of the patches were weird characters, and no sound came out. I reinstalled OS 4.9 again. This time, none of the new update patches showed up. Is there a separate file I need to install (with all the patches I had before.?)

    I was able to upload OS 4.9 using an interphase and Bome SendSX 1.4

    Help... I would like to have those patches back.... more importantly, how did I lose my patches on Bank A/B?

    Any help would be highly appreciated!


  • That could be related to the internal battery. I think it needs to be changed.

    -Windows 10 Pro 64bit DAW (Asus P6T Deluxe V2 + Xeon W3670)
    -Steinberg Cubase 10 + Steinberg CC121 Controller
    -Steinberg MR816 CSX + Behringer ADA8200
    -iConnectivity MIO10
    -Virus TI2 P0lar
    -Waldorf Pulse (1)
    -Waldorf Blofeld
    -Yamaha AN1x
    -Yamaha Reface DX
    -Clavia Nord Modular G1 Expanded
    -Maschine MK3

    -Elektron Octatrack MKII

    -Arturia Beatstep
    -Adam A7X

  • Old thread, but yeah, I have the same issue. New battery, but banks a and b lost data. Defaults to loading the c and d banks in a and b.

    If anyone has those, especially in Soundiver format, would be very appreciated.