Syncing patches

  • Hi,

    I am just setting up my new TI2 whiteout. My first hardware synth btw.

    OS: Mac OS X 10.6.2
    Virus OS: Latest Public Beta
    DAW: Logic Pro 9

    Everytime i start Logic and open the Virus TI plugin it wants to sync patches. It has done this 3 - 4 times now and it takes a long time before I can do anything. Is this normal? How many times does it have to sync ?(

  • Well I got it to work now with 10.6, after some headace....

    First I reformatted my Mac and installed Leopard (10.5). I then installed Virus TI Installer for MacOS X. In essence downgrading the Virus TI. This worked fine. Synced patches one time and then it worked fine.

    Then i reformatted the Mac again and installed Snow Leopard with irus TI Installer for MacOS X. This also now works....

    Who knows what the problem was... ?(

  • I too am having the same problem using a Mac Pro with 10.6. My Ti2 keeps syncing all patches everytime I try and instantiate it in Ableton Live 8 or Logic 9. It takes a good 10 mins and gets pretty frustrating.

    Tech support have been useful in offering some solutions such as repairing permissions using disk utilities, reinstalling Virus software and forcing another firmware update and checking permissions for the cache in the 'Application Support' folder. However, none of these have worked yet. It seems that the Virus isn't writing permissions properly in 10.6 and every time you start the Virus it thinks it's been installed for the first time.

    I'm not sure I can face the prospect of reformatting and reinstalling my OS. Is there anyway I can just repair my OS without losing it all?