make VST GUI touch-friendly

  • With the advent of affordable touchscreen monitors there will be an increasing demand to make VSTs touch-friendly. I just bought a 16" for 150€ but manipulating the small TI VST controls is a real pain. I have tested some DAWs that have been designed for touchscreens and it feels very natural. There are even some VSTs around that unintentionally got touch-aware just by updating their development framework and they work very well -- read here:…ch-music-software-windows

    OSX still lacks touch support but on Windows this is a big deal with all these Surface notebooks around.

    Access, you made the leap from knobs to the desktop, now don't stop, move on!

  • I switched to Bitwig Studio as my DAW and really enjoy the touch-friendly user interface. It always feels like traveling back in time when I open the Virus TI VST instrument and try to manipulate the tiny controls. I ordered a stylus and will see if this is feasible.