Envelope retrigger question

  • Hey,

    I've had my Virus for about a year, but have mostly been a preset user, but I'm learning more about sound design and one of the ways I'm doing this is by just tweaking presets. There's a particular soft lead patch I'm using, and I'd like to change it so the attack envelope retriggers every time I press a key (I'm pretty sure it's the amplitude, and not one of the filters, but not positive). Either way, what setting do I want to look for to change it? The reason I want to change is because if I'm playing a series of notes, after a few, they get less present, due to the envelope not retriggering with every note. Is it one particular setting or a combination of settings that do that?


  • Most probably you only need to change the Mono Mode from 3 or 4 to 1 or 2.

    Check the manual under Oscillators > Common > Key Mode. There's a table explaining the differences of the four mono modes.

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  • Good advice from Oli !
    If you already are in a multi-trigger mode you can try shortening your amp env ADSR times (may have to do the same for the filter env) and/or playing a little more staccato and less legato.
    Hope that helps. :)