macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) compatibility ?

  • One thing which does happen, although it doesn't seem to get in the way, is that when the Ti plug-in is busy, I see a "watch" instead of the busy spinner. That's sometimes an indication that the application is using the older Apple API - Carbon, as opposed to the newer Cocoa.

    I guess that wouldn't be surprising though, since I don't think the plug-in GUI has been touched in a long time.

  • One thing which does happen, although it doesn't seem to get in the way, is that when the Ti plug-in is busy, I see a "watch" instead of the busy spinner. That's sometimes an indication that the application is using the older Apple API - Carbon, as opposed to the newer Cocoa.

    I've never seen this myself but I'm using mostly Logic when I do music so my experience is limited in this regard. Live runs with pretty old macOS version (10.7) and I'd assume that they use some old APIs in order to do so. Maybe that's why you see this cursor. But that's all speculation, I cannot look into their code of course.

  • Guys, I am seeing the one minute freeze thing on High Sierra also with something completely unrelated to the Virus (my Canon scanner software).
    So, this may just be on my system. But if someone has seen anything similar when launching Virus Control, please let me know so we can troubleshoot, as it's quite annoying.

  • I just upgraded to MacOS High Sierra (10.13) and got indeed a problem:


    • It's an iMac with two drives (SSD and HDD). System, library and applications are on the SSD. All my data (my home folder) are on the HDD.
    • Like all SSD now in MacOS 10.13, the SSD is formatted as APFS; the HDD is formatted in Journaled HFS+; The Virus TI Installer allows only to install on the SSD.
    • Ableton is the new version 9.7.5, checked and compatible with MacOS 10.13.

    The issue:

    • I installed all Virus related stuff completely new, using the Virus TI Installer for macOS.
    • During installion, the Virus TI Installer finds the Virus TI Polar connected, checks and updates its firmware. All fine.
    • After restart (forced by the Virus TI Installer) MacOS is still able to find the Virus TI Polar: Audio-Midi-Stup shows the Virus connected in the correct configuration.
    • However ... when I start the Virus Control Center, it will not find the Virus. Disconnecting/connecting all cables of the virus and restart in the USB Update Mode does not help. The Virus Control Center is not able to find the Virus.
    • Consequently, also the Virus VST-plugin does not find the Virus. Rebooting the synth with "Arp-Exit" doesn't help.
    • Double-checked on a MacBook Air with one 500GB SSD (also formatted as APFS) - exactly same issue

    Any idea what else I could try ??

    Thanks a lot !!

    Just to clarify what I'm talking about: Left side the window of the Audio-Midi-SetUp (Virus is there); on the right the window of the Virus Control Center (can't find Virus) ...

  • The new 10.13.2 version changes things again. It has specific changes to "improve" USB audio "compatibility".

    I've had to move my Virus back onto my Sonnet Thunderbolt to USB converter, which is a good thing since I can now get more bandwidth for my Elektron devices on Overbridge.

  • For me everything worked fine until I replaced my laptop with another model, same (top) specs and same latest os sierra (tranferring everything from one laptop to the other). While USB works fine for normal devices (audio interface, Octatrack in USB mode etc) all Elektron devices are not recognised in Overbridge, nor is the Virus Control Centre able to see the Virus. The Moog Sub 37 standalone editor recognises the machine. Has anyone an idea whether there is somewhere a place in the OS where such drivers could be blocked? Since the problem only occurs with the Virus Control Centre and Elektron Overbridge, I suspect that something is somewhere blocked. Any hints are much appreciated. Olaf

    PS: Nothing is blocked in the Security & Privacy settings.

  • I solved my problem. There were indeed drivers blocked. This could not be seen in the Privacy Settings as shown above but during a reboot and watching the privacy settings this popped up. Allowing those things access, solved it for Elektron Overbridge and the Virus Control Centre. Olaf

  • hi all

    I have many problems since I had installed osx hight Sierra and I don't understand the reason why ...

    First I had the security app problem hight Sierra but I fixed it and Logic Pro x start virus ti plugin perfect

    But Today I had added all my soundbanks collection ,,, about 100 sound banks and I never had problems to start in Logic Pro x because I inserted the virus ti plugin and it was opened 5 seconds after I insert it .... my surprise is that it takes longer to open depending on the number of banks that i want copy in document / virus ti / patches
    it is crazy ... I have timed the time:

    virus ti plugin opens after 5 seconds of inserting it if I have not any soundbank copy in the folder
    virus ti plugin opens after 1 min of inserting it if I copy a part of my sound banks in the directory
    virus ti plugin opens after 5 min of inserting it if I copy all my collection sound banks

  • High Sierra 10.3.2

    i don't understand the access answer send me

    they think that the problem is that virus ti plugin need read all soundbanks and it will be more low if I add more soundbanks . that answer does not help me because I never have problems in OSX El Capitan o Sierra

    im thinking the problems is the new SSD format APFS

  • I have two imac, both with same versions of mac OS (10.13.2), same version of Logic Pro X, same version of the virus plugin (5.1.7), same number of patches (many...). The only difference is that one is in APFS and the other in HFS +, in APFS it takes 5 minutes to load the virus plugin, and in the HFS+ 5 seconds.