DAW only limiting me to 1 instance of Virus T12? That can’t be right.

  • I recently bought and hooked up the Virus T12 Polar to Logic Pro X. I’m running Sierra OS.

    i recorded my first synth part in Logic last night but when I went to create a 2nd Virus track within Logic, I get the message “No Virus detected” and everything is greyed out on the plugin. Is this normal? Can we not have multiple instances of Virus with our DAW? E


  • You don't need multiple instances to make more sounds. On the left hand side f the plugin is a list of your 16 sepearate channels. Just click on one to make a new sound on the next midi channel

  • As in a new mixer channel?

    You can go to the settings tab in the virus control plugin and choose a new output. it can have up to three eithe via USB or the analog outs. You cant have 16 separate audio streams. But thats fine, you can mix them within the virus plugin just using the volumes, and when you record them eventually, just record them one at a time.

    I dont use logic so wouldn't know how to set midi channel two on it's own piano roll. Id imagine there's a setting in the piano roll to choose what midi channel the notes play from a given synth/input

  • I have no clue how to do this either.
    I have Logic Pro x. Normally I just open a soft synth as many times as needed for different sounds.
    Now, it lets me do 1 sound out of the Virus TI2. Even my Yamaha DX7 can go use multiple patches in one project.

    What am I doing wrong? is there any video links, or people talk about a demo song, but no link to it for Logic...

  • I see now how it works. If you just make how ever many multi timbral you just grab the section inside the virus popup. Change the midi to accept midi input for all, unless you want to use different keyboards.

    Did hook up 3 keyboards, they went to different midi inputs...
    Its strange, but it works... the virus is pretty rad to do 16 different sound patches at the same time...

    Thanks for the help in the right direction.