3rd Party Patches

  • Hey Guys,
    I'm new to the Virus Ti2, so forgive the possible newbie question. I want to load a whole bank of purchased 3rd party patches to my Virus to able to use live on my synth. Rather than just loading one at a time. How is this done? Again, not using the software live thru Ableton or MainStage, just wanting to dump a whole bank.

    Thanks for any info!

  • While I never did this on the TI 'cause I always used the VC plugin for organizing patches/banks, I did this on my old Indigo2 by sending .sys dumps.
    This is possible on the TI too.
    Also the Virus Control Center has functionality for dumping banks if I'm not wrong...

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  • Use a tool like SysEx Librarian to load the SysEx file and send it to your Virus.
    On the Virus, you have to select the type of patch information that is accepted and the destination bank.

    Here is the relevant section from the Virus TI Reference, p 126-127

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