• Sometimes I noticed that the LFO leds do not respond to the actual LFO rate set - though they are configured to do so. All 3 leds flash simultaneously, quite slow. Whats even more weird is that when this happens, they continue to flash even when the unit is turned off (TI2 desktop). The only way I found to stop this is to remove the power cable. When it happens though it seems that it happens when the unit is turned on, i.e. right at the boot stage.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a reason for concern?

  • An update on the above OP.
    I discovered that, if I turn on the virus first, and the issue happens, I simply press a key on my keyboard and the LEDs start blinking normally, i.e. at the actual LFO rate. It looks as if the synth is looking for an input signal to start syncing the LFOs. I then continue firing up my DAW and all seems good.
    Note my midi keyboard is directly connected to my virus via midi.