Sound design request: Transformer "voices"

  • Hi there. I'm hoping someone can guide me in how to make sounds that sound similar to the "voices" of the Decepticon transformers (the evil transformers).
    About 8:32 into the first Transformers movie is a good example of what I mean. Just after someone fires a grenade at the Decepticon, and the robot turns around to look at who shot it.
    It's a kind of "mwaoo" sound (sounds like some fairly simple filter work there) with a metallic sounding quality to it, which sounds quite robotlike, but they've also managed to give the sound some human-like quality.
    Like in the example I've given, the robot sounds a bit annoyed. This human-like quality might the the result of the correct intonation (probably due to the use of some pitch envelope or similar, maybe just good use of pitch bend), and possibly something more.
    I've been trying to make something similar, with some success, but I still feel there's something missing, so some pointers from other people would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance


  • all mentioned effects are good, but its a matter of bussing multi-lateral effects in your DAW.

    set up 3 of 4 aux tracks and route three different buses to each from the same audio track.. on one aux track do a pitch shifter up on another do a pitch shifter down, on another aux track add reverb and then put a tube-distortion sound on the reverb,... maybe turn up the reverb aux with the distortion on the same aux but make it post reverb... delay it maybe all wet

    then if you don't want the dry, set your bus on the audio to pre-fader and you can turn down the audio track... (unless you did something to that but i suggest keeping the audio track raw... and delay one or two of the auxes by different amounts and reverse delay one of them for trippy quick swelling)... and another one even more with no wet on the delay and maybe even add a 4th aux with no delay but modify it with a pitch shift or something.... but at this point it should sound like you have three or 4 voices going at the same time... but coming out of the same creature

    you can also add flange or any other combination... there is tons of stuff you can do,

  • OK guys, a clue to how I did it (only a clue cause I dont remember in too much detail off the top of my head)


    You will be interested to hear the effects you get by modulating the Phaser Frequency with an LFO (like fast).... try it.