Should I switch from sequencer mode to multi-mode ?

  • Hi all,
    I use my Virus TI Desktop in sequencer mode with a "Sequentix Cirklon" sequencer.
    I play live. Each of my songs song contains a programs for each of the first 8 parts, and they are all being recalled (song by song) by my sequencer (sending program changes to each part).
    Also, when I modify a program on any part, I press store 3 times to save the changes of that program, and that´s it. Simple and effective.

    But my virus is not remembering my output settings after switching the unit off. I contacted support and they suggest me to switch to multi-mode.

    I´ve been reading the manual and the forum, but I still don´t understand how can I switch to multi-mode while keeping my current workflow. My questions are:
    1- Should I use one multi program for my entire live set? And then simply send program changes to each part of this single multi program?
    2- How can I save the changes I make to each program on each part? Pressing Store in multi-mode leads me to save the multi-program, not the individual program on that part.

    Any help on this will be appreciated,

  • 1. You could have one Multi for each song, and send program changes to switch between them (does work fine from a master keyboard)

    2. In the Save menu, you can change the destination. Within the destinatins, there‘s also a choice to seitch to Save Single Preset.


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