Sustain pedal function to softknob?

  • Hey, folks.

    When I'm using arpeggiators, I almost always assign a softknob with an ArpHold command. However, I have a few rhythmic sounds that aren't arp based, and I'd like to be able to do something similar. Obviously, arp hold doesn't work. When I hold down my sustain pedal, it will let the sound go on as long as I have it held down, but I'd like to not have to hold the pedal (esp. when using a 1 keyboard-mapped multi, as it affects all of the sounds). Is there a command in that softknob menu that would essentially send the same thing that the sustain pedal does, that I can have on or off? If not, is there some other way I could accomplish this? Turning up the amp release doesn't do it. Suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  • Yeah, turning up the amp envelope release can be a polyphony eater! In the Key Mode menu of the Oscillator Common menu there is a selection called Hold that "holds notes until they are all released and a new note is played" (from the manual). Haven't tried it before and not sure how this might work in your case or if it can be assigned to a soft knob, but you could check it out and see if it would help in some way. There may be other options I'm not aware of yet. :)

  • - You could use the hold pedal for the part with the „rythmic“ sound, and switch off the other parts of the multi to not react to the hold pedal.
    - You could use some other MIDI controller to send CC64 on the specific channel of that part.

    How are your „rythmic“ sounds made if not with the arpeggiator?

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