NO MIDI OUT TI2 Darkstar

  • 3 Weeks ago I got a brand new ACCESS VIRUS TI2 Darkstar edition. Today I tried to use it as a keyboard for my external gear and found that the MIDI OUT port doesn’t transmit any data. MIDI IN works just fine. Also, when I connect Virus to a computer, MIDI via USB port (cable) works perfect. Problem is only sending information from classic MIDI DIN 5 connector (no transmitting signal at all). I tried every options…new MIDI cables, changed internal settings, connect to different synths, reinstalled firmware…nothing helped. I also had a POLAR version, which worked perfect (with the same settings and cables). Also want to mention my Virus is in standalone mode…no USB cable connected to computer in the same time…just DIN 5 OUT.

    Looks like I have exact the same problem as this guy:…o-MIDI-OUT-TI2-Polar/?l=2

    So, I think it is probably a hardware problem and faulty unit. Should I send it to my local seller for a warranty repair? My Virus is almost brand new.

    Thank you