New (old) Virus kb!

  • Hello!

    I've long wanted a Virus but couldn't quite handle the cost of a TI2. I just ran across a great deal on a kb. I have two initial questions, if it's cool to ask here:

    1. When I search for the latest OS on this site I see 4.8. But if I google I see references to 4.9 (including at least one post in this forum). Is there a 4.9?

    ANSWER: Ah. I see. There are "Operating Systems (older versions)" and "Operating Systems" categories and they are separated by a few other categories. It's in the latter entry.

    2. In my profile I updated my time zone and it changed my profile options to German language. I'm not seeing where to select the language. How to change to English?

    Thanks! Looking forward to diving into this deep and powerful instrument.