Virus infection is spreading

  • Hi everyone, just a quick hello. Ive been involved in electronic music since 1983.
    I jumped on the virus bandwagon 3 years ago and I just keep buying them because they are so versatile and have such a great sonic scope home studio has been used for trance,edm,synthwave and ambient ...
    At this point the virus has spread ...started with a b added a c, then a ti desktop. When picking up a yamaha keyboard for my daughter, the seller had a virus ti keyboard for sale so we got that bundled up ..while workiing at another facility somebody had a ti desktop for sale so grabbed it march I was working a project and somebody had a desktop ti2 ..grabbed it ..and now most recently a ti2 keyboard .. So they get used across 3 rooms ...anyhow I dont have an infection...I have gas...gear acquisition syndrome ..