Unhappy user!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • See thread in problems and troubleshooting re:keyboard bricked following procedure to update software.....I am pissed at Access....spent weeks going back and forth as emails take a day or two each way and then I finally send to a service center here in the US, audio electronics down in Dallas, and finally after TWO AND A HALF MONTHS they finally got an answer from Access that they want them to replace the motherboard with a new V2 one at the cost of $760!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PISSED!!!!! You would think Access would at least give the board at cost but the shop is telling me this is dealer cost. Come on Access...treat your customers with respect. I will find time to post this in as many places as possible. I had a good working keyboard for many years and never had need to update software...wanted to integrate into my studio more so went to upgrade software via their procedures and protocol and now have a keyboard that won't boot, been without for 4 months and now they want nearly $800!!!!! NOT HAPPY!!!! ...........did I mention that?

  • You should get in touch with support (if you haven't already) and voice your concern regarding the 2 1/2 month wait. I can't really look into your case without knowing more but either something went totally wrong or there is a good reason for the delay. in any case, from what i can see, you've stopped corresponding with us mid february, before you've sent the keyboard of to repair.

    best, marc

  • It has been an open item and was told by Audio Electronics Dallas that they were in contact with you guys and that is how long it took to get an answer….but I will confirm now that Matt Skaggs here at Kemper in the US is able to source a motherboard and will ship it to A.E.D. in Dallas to get that put in at no cost other than labor. Kudos!