Any way to translate "patch volume units" to DB?

  • I use my virus ti for composing and playing live.
    I create all my patches from an empty one. I don´t use presets.
    I realized that all my patches are too quiet (really quiet compared to presets), and that makes me amplify the virus on my mixer, resultin in lots of noise from the virus amplified.
    So I want to turn down my mixer amplification by 14 db, and compensate by tuning up the patch volume on each of my patches (more than 200), but I don´t seem to find an easy way to do that. On some, 20 units seems to do it, on some other 20 units doesn´t seem to get me half to where they should be.

    Any ideas?

  • Why not use an dB meter (for example a meter bridge in your DAW or console) to measure the volume of the patch and bring it up to where you want it?

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  • That´s actually the option i´m trying to avoid. So I don´t have to measure each of 200+ patches before adjusting the gain in the mix, then adjust the gain in the mix by -14db, and then adjust every patch to match the measure.
    I mean, I was just trying to find a faster one (ej, a conversion table between patch vol and db). But I guess that would be kind of hard, as for my tests it seems that there is no linear relationship between them.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Volume is subjective.. More harmonics, compression, vocal range eq etc. will all change your perception of volume.

    You would need a calibrated monitoring system and some constant to judge loudness by to do it by ear.

    With meters Average SPL (RMS equating to the 300ms response time of human hearing) would give perception related balance, peak metering would give a false reading in relation to standard volume..

    Best mix away balancing with "Patch Volume" and save that way, then default volume settings would give balanced results. Perhaps some velocity sensitivity would give you an on the fly level adjustment for live use too..