Help, my Virus is ill!

  • Hi people,

    My trusty old Virus TI has developed some bad issues.

    I use it in multi mode, and one of the channels is usually set to an "input" preset, for filtering and effecting external audio.
    A couple of days ago, it got stuck - the same filter and effects are applied to external audio, even if I switch "input mode" off, select an entirely different (non-input) preset or switch to single mode. Even the main volume doesn't affect it! The other channels and patches seem to work properly.

    A weird software glitch, I thought, certainly a restart will fix it. After a "Cold" reset (taking the power plug out) things were right for a while, then it happened again. Another restart, the Virus boots as usual, but doesn't produce any sound at all! The MIDI indicator shows it receives notes, but both headphone and main outputs are silent.

    I always thought digital hardware doesn't deteriorate - it either works or it doesn't. I mean, there are no capacitors to dry ))
    So what can be causing such weird symptoms? Maybe my power supply became wonky? Can the internal battery have something to do with this? I know it's a long shot, but it's the only factor that has changed with time - I never replaced the battery since I got the Virus brand new something like 10 years ago.

    Really hope you can help me with this. The Virus is my workhorse :(