Should I keep my limited edition Whiteout TI2 KB or my Polar ?

  • Hi,

    I'm the owner of a rare limited edition Whiteout Virus TI2 keyboard (just 150 made !)

    [Blocked Image: ]
    I've put it up for sale on eBay (auction ends tomorrow) but I'm now having second thoughts : I don't really need the money urgently, I just need the studio space and I've actually bought a smaller TI2 Polar to replace it (never want to be without a Virus, and the Polar was my first Virus, I'm in love with it and its form factor !)

    I've set the auction price relatively high compared to a regular TI2 keyboard so at least I don't have too many regrets if it sells, but I'm thinking of just removing it and selling the Polar instead !

    What would you do in my shoes ?
    I actually love the Polar better (again it's my first Virus and there's an emotional attachment to it), but will these rare Whiteout units appeal to collectors years from now ?

  • Hadn't seen one before and looked it up - nice! If you are having second thoughts, I would sleep on it awhile before selling it because once its gone you may never be able to get another one if you end up regretting selling it since it is a limited edition, and probably paying a prohibitive price for it! I wish I had never unnecessarily sold my expensive and exclusive Ovation Adamas guitar years ago. Now worth a total fortune!
    Just my two cents.