Virus Control Center will not find my Virus Ti

  • I successfully installed on my Win XP 32bit pc, but Virus Control Center will just not find the Virus. Strangely the Virus is seen by XP as a USB audio device and I can choose it and use it as a sound card, but I can't communicate with it in any way for some reason. It's odd considering the .msi install file worked fine.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Should I install an OS version that works with Control Center instead?

  • It's half fixed. I went into device manager from control panel and looked at USB devices. The Virus had a warning beside it saying that the USB drivers STILL weren't installed (why I don't know). So I installed those and it now works as a USB device. But the drivers for audio and midi can't be found, it refuses to install them. Maybe I have to reboot each time, but both of those stil have warnings beside them in device manager.