Using Ableton Live 10 -> The Virus Ti Plug In is Missing

  • Hello,

    by changing from Ableton Live 9 to Live 10 -> The Virus Ti Plug In is Missing. I have eveything done like in Live 9.

    But the Plug in is not showen in the Plug In section.

    I will later add some pictures of my preferences in live 9 and 10.

    Please can somebody helb me out? I'll get crazy about this

    Many Thanks


  • I had the same problem at first during install of Virus plugins, took me 3-4 times repeating install/uninstall or so, just need to take care to find proper dll and delete others. Try maybe to uninstall, clean registry if there's anything left and install again pointing dlls to separate folders with 32 and 64 names in your VST plugins folder, and just then delete 32 named folder. After that, scan one more time. Looks like Virus has some strange different behaviors for lots of the ppl... for example, i have trouble with syncing and my midi keyboard driver stucks during the start up of pc, need to disconnect virus and connect again to let midi keyboasrd work again)) keep trying!