MIDI Channels

  • Hi, Guys!

    New Virus Owner/User.

    I’m DAWless-

    I’m Using the Virus Ti2 Keyboard as a Sound Bank.

    It’s a Slave to My DX7 (Master).

    Channel 7 is a Bass Sound on the Virus.

    Everything’s Great!

    When I Change the Sound to a Warm

    Pad, & Make It Channel 8, I Lose the Bass on Channel 7.

    Can Someone Please Explain Assigning MIDI Channels to Sounds?

    Do I Save the Channel to the Sound?

    Do I Store the MIDI Channel to the Sound?

    Instructions, please~

    Many Thanks, Matt.

  • For multitimbral use, the Virus has to be in MULTI or SEQ mode.

    In SEQ mode, you have 16 parts playing on MIDI channels 1-16 (part 1 is always on channel 1, etc).

    MULTI mode is more flexible, since any part can be assigned to any MIDI channel and keyboard range. Also, multis can be named and saved.

    I suggest you read the section on Multis in the Virus manual, let us know if you have further questions.

    Hope this helps ))