Static over digital output?

  • I had a session recently, where I had to use every track of my Focusrite. all 20 channels, so, to make this happen, I used the digital output on the TI2. I notices, on playback, every now and then I'd notice a pop or a crackle on that one track. Thinking that maybe it was the crappy RCA cord, I was using, I went out and bought a really good SPDIF cable (I vaguely remember having this problem with another interface, too, sending the digital out from the Virus to it, so I don't think it's my focusrites, which are brand new). Anyways, even with the new, high-end cable, I still got the pops and cracks, effectively making the digital out on the TI2 useless (the TI's less than 2 years old). Anyone else have a problem? Is there some optimal setting in the TI options that I should be using, to make sure the cracks don't happen? It's not something I feel like sending in my Virus for, because I use it all the time, but I'm just wondering if I can somehow tweak a setting. Anyone?