Assign Modulation to Ring Modulator Effect

  • I see that there is a send for the Ring Modulator in the Oscillator sectio, but as far as I can tell you can't modulate the Ring Mod that is in the effects banks under "Others" - "Filter Bank 1/2". This thing does some wild stuff and I would love to be able to assign the Mix and Frequency parameters to the mod wheel at the very least. I know its deep in the effects section, so its a long shot, but I figured I'd post it. Not sure if MIDI can modulate this parameter even... just gotta have the menu open i guess

  • the ablitly to modulate the filterbank mix in general Would be cool , as you say some cool things can be achieved with the Frequency shifter , comb and ring mod of the filter section and having control over the mix amount within the matrix would be sweet for even more playable expression

    And Currently there is only the abilty to mod the included filters for the filterbank , which as you know , are your , Filter bank poles , slope , and filterbank frequency , which is excellent .. but since then , they have added Ring mod , Comb and frequency shifter to that menu , but it seems as though they may of forgot to include modulation options within the matrix for them , such as - Stereo phase , Shape of L&R

    —- I usually finding myself reaching to want to modulate these , but not in typical way , that ‘oh I must modulate everything’ just incase the mods are think it :-/ lol as if we to be curious children ( we are :-))) , but in a way that We find reaching for the abilty as part of a certain sounds work flow where its stereo image is concerned