Volume modulation

  • May help Those that starting out

    However ,aside from eq and automation Instead of jumping straight onto a compressor to make something ‘fit’ or to give dynamic movement , try modulating the filtergain in conjunction with the patchvolume to clocked LFOs , the rates depend on the source and your intention of course but , make it sit from the synth at the get go ...

    You can take control of big pads , making them gated in style , how prominent the attack and release depends on the LFOs shape , start phase and contour

    Also for creating the effect of ‘sidechained’ tech style basslines , I think they sound more rhythmic and natural without a Sidechain comp and by modulating various gains on the synth itself instead ,

    adjust the lfo contour and trigger phase to taste until it sits with your kick here ....


    For creating fast and sharp attacking synth stabs

    Sure , the use of compression on group sends a different kind of ball game adding useful glue to make something one element , I don’t mean to say don’t use them at all , I just mean that , where single synth channels are concerned , why not take control of its dynamic range through modulating a synths volume in creative ways through its own LFOs , before jumping on a comp/gate/expander or trans mod to do it on

    Ive been having a lot of fun experimenting this way , try it mates 👍