Virus Ti plugin doesnt work/crashes inside latest FL Studio version

  • I have a problem with Virus ti snow plugin inside FL Studio

    When i open it works fine, but just randomly it can stop working, or upon opening the project i get this message in the plugin wrapper (latest vst version, 64bit) and virus doesnt open in FL studio entirely until i open the plugin inside some other host.

  • I am using FL 20.1

    And latest Virus TI Software Suite 64-bit

    It started to happen quite long ago, but i dont use virus that much often so didnt really care that much. But a year ago, probably even more.

    I tried various things to solve it, nothing helped. Only thing comes to my mind, there is something happening with vst3 version itself that isnt compatible with FL Studio, i know only 1 other plugin with same behaviour is Izotope/Exponential Audio R2. It also sometimes loads and sometimes not.

    Cant do printscreen now, but settings are the same as any default vst plugin. But that doesnt matter since the problem is with random plugin crashing inside FL Studio

  • Hi, I don't have any issues with my setup: I'm also on 64bit but my FL is still on 20.0.3. Not sure if it matters but my version is licensed...

    To be fair I just realized that i was using vst is v2.4 (not v3). It took a while until I managed to load v3, I had to rescan my plugins (verify plugins enabled) and UNtick "combine vst and vst3 plugins", I attach a relevant screenshot:


    I also would recommend you re-install your virus and follow the above procedure.

    Also make sure that you have correct wrapper settings:


    I am not sure if mine are "correct" but i do know that they work. Note that these screenshots are from a blank project so I have not assigned the outputs here...

    Let me know how it goes!