Virus Polar getting tuck for a few seconds randomly

  • I use Virus Polar and recently, while working analog only (no USB attached) it started to get stuck when moving between banks and patches.

    Any idea for the source of the problem or solution?

    *this bug doesnt happen when the virus is plugged to the computer with USB.

    many thanx

  • solved

    Sent an Email to access and got a simple solution:


    The very first thing I would recommend to do is to reset the TI Polar. Please unplug your TI Polar from the computer and unplug it from power. Also remove any other cable going from/to the Virus TI. Wait for approximately 1-2 minutes. Next only plug back the power into the TI. Then reset the unit by holding down the Arp section "EDIT" button for a few seconds while the unit is in standby mode. Whenever this is done and the TI has booted up correctly try it again.

    With best regards,

    Access Music Tech Support