Constant Offsets

  • In my last handful of sound design sessions with the TI2, I’ve been using constant offsets for things like delay time and envelope parameters. The difference with only subtle tightening of envelope shapes sounded so good it took me by surprise. Great stuff!

  • Constant Offsets

    The internal resolution of the parameters in the Virus sound engine is 24-bit, which theoretically allows for approximately 16 million different values for each continuously variable parameter. The MIDI specification, however, only allows for a resolution of 128 values per parameter.

    Now, in most situations, a resolution of 128 values is plenty, as it still allows you to get “close enough for government work”. There are occasions, however, when you might find you really want to tune a parameter so precisely that the value you need is somewhere in between two of these 128 positions. This is why we have introduced the ability to apply a constant offset to any continuous parameter via the Mod Matrix.

    1% Constant

    Use this to fine tune any continuous parameter by up to 1% of the available range. This will likely only be no- ticeable when modulating parameters that affect pitch, including the cutoff frequency of a filter with very high resonance.

    10% Constant

    Use this to fine tune any parameter by up to 10% of the available range. In situations when Offset 1% is too subtle, try this instead

  • Although I did use constants in the Mod Matrix for sound design, I never thought of them as fine tuning tool for envelopes. Interesting idea, indeed.

    Thanks for sharing!

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