• 128 explosive presets for Access Virus Ti / Ti2 in an exclusive soundbank. Buy this bank by sending $30 to my paypal You will receive it within 24 hours to your mail.
    No third-party processing was used in the demo. Just a dry Virus Ti2 and Izotope Ozone on Master channel.

  • Sounds really nice, especially the bass is very pumpy, lots of distorted and animated FX :) Are the snares/kicks as well included? Kinda wish it also included "proper" leads and pads and it would have been much more attractive...any chance you can specify the distribution of the presets, like x many bass x many FX and so on? Maybe a screenshot of the names of the presets? (if those specify the type)

  • Hey psylence!

    Thanks for your questions.

    Inside the bank you will find:

    A bunch of psychedelic sequences

    Mutated 303 acid sequences

    Modulated Synths

    FM Stabs

    Acid Zaps


    Arp Presets

    5 Psybass Presets

    1 Psykick Preset

    7 Twisted Effects

    With this bank you will learn how to create your own psytrance sounds.

    Bank is suitable for both Fullon Psytrance and Dark Psytrance styles.

    Presets copy.png