Routing the virus's audio out back into itself

  • A few months ago I read an article mentioning something about you could get interesting sound design possibilities if instead of routing an external sound source into the virus, you routed its own audio out back into itself (however I no longer no where I read that).

    Does anybody have any experience with this or know how to set up the virus to do this?

  • It's really straightforward:

    • Connect a Virus' sub output to input
    • Select a Multi
    • Select a part that you want processed and route it to sub output (in Multi edit menu)
    • Select another part and set it up for processing input . You have several options here:
      - Static - the input is constantly processed by the filters and FX block
      - Dynamic - same as above, but the input is only let through when a key is pressed. Good for those "trance-gate" effects ))
      - and then, there's the Atomizer (somewhat gimmicky IMHO and easy to overdo, but still worth a try)

    Have fun!