Virus TI not compatible with MacOS Catalina / Big Sur

  • Das hat alles überhaupt nichts mit meinem Post zu tun.

    Hast Du den nicht gelesen, oder einfach nur nicht verstanden?

    Deine Aussage:

    Access Music has not developed the drivers themselves and does

    currently not have any in-house development resources available for the task.

    Access macht nur noch Bau und Lagerung der Geräte.

    Bei Kemper wird entwickelt und mehr.

    Dieses Team ist dann seit 2017 mit dem KemperProfiler beschäftigt oder wie soll ich das sehen ?

    Bullshit ... die verarschen uns.

  • It's kinda laughable now.

    I've almost retired my Virus Ti. Very rarely turn it on now. Used to be my main work-horse.

    That's very sad.. :( I'm probably very stubborn but it's still my go-to synth... even though I had to buy a Presonus Quantum 2626 audio interface and Cubase 10.5 for it.. and now that I think about it that's also kind of ridiculous.. since Big Sur will probably make it completely useless... :cursing:

  • How can access sell virus products when it’s not supported ! Do they know how many customers they making upset ? People still buying and Access is not doing anything about it ! How am I going to use my Virus TI 2 now ? I don’t want to deal with the midi and sync issues I prefer the usb I think we all deserve an answer from Access !

  • am trying to understand will the virus TI at least work as midi ? Or does it completely stop working with Catalina /Big Sur ? I don’t want to use midi cables and audio cables I only want to use the usb option. It’s my main midi controller and if the case this is a big problem can someone please confirm ? Thanks

  • Just curious.. Have you found a good alternative for the Virus? (hardware or software) I've found Dune to come close but still not quite..

    IMO, there are plenty of software alternatives. Serum comes to mind first, and Massive / Massive X is probably even the better VA/Wavetable synth overall. And then there's FM8 to cover all your FM needs. However, if you are looking for hardware (with full DAW integration), nothing comes close to the Virus TI's features and flexibility: VA/Wavetable/FM Synth, pretty flexible Modulation Matrix, tons of effects, even offering decent Reverbs, 16 Part multi-timbral, lots of control knobs... the Kyra comes close, but it offers no DAW integration at all.

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