Virus TI not compatible with MacOS Catalina / Big Sur

  • All all this is such a bummer. :( I’ve wanted a Virus Ti for TWELVE YEARS and finally caved and bought one last summer. I was absolutely blown away by its capabilities even if it was the ‘little brother’, Snow. I bought a new Mac in March and found out the Virus isn’t compatible. I sent a support ticket in and all I got was “yeah we’re working on it. Use the midi”. ideally, I’d prefer using the USB. If I had known the Virus was having compatibility issues I wouldn’t have bought one. Or, kept my old Mac just for the Virus.

    Does anyone know if the Virus would work on a macOS boot camp / Windows partition? I feel like I’m in a situation where I either:

    A) sell the virus :(

    B) buy a cheap PC / second hand Mac JUST for the Virus

    C) boot camp Windows 10 (if that works)

    D) cross my fingers and hope Access / Kemper does something soon

  • Hi ,

    I was in the same situation as you . I did try to run my Mac via boot camp but it still didn’t work as the drivers are Mac driven and there was a driver issue with windows via boot camp .

    I ended up building a windows 10 computer setup and have not looked back . Virus TI works flawlessly although my ARP sometimes goes out of sync but it is a easy fix with stop start .

    My advice would be ditch the Mac and build or buy a PC .

    I know that access haven’t updated there’s software for some time with Mac but there must be a reason why .

    Personally apple think they rules the world but end of the day for me are so locked in that now having windows is a blessing !

    Anyways Hope this helped you out . I spent over 4 weeks trying everything’s possible to get virus to to work on Mac and no good . Windows all day every every day for me .

  • Right - it’s because Apple have taken a very different approach from Microsoft. Apple ditch backward compatibility in favour of constantly evolving - eg abandoning 32/bit and enforcing user/mode drivers — in the interest of security (it’s definitely a valid approach). The downside is - it’s a massive burden on vendors to keep updating / rewriting everything.