Virus TI not compatible with MacOS Catalina / Big Sur

  • Three months silence in this topic....

    How does the MysteryIslands solution works for you guys?

    Is that a way to go? If I would choose that method, I don't know how to recall the old projects.

    You can download our demo and see how it our editor works out. :)

  • Is it a known issue that the Mystery Islands / AURA plug-in solution introduces A LOT of latency? I sort of got it to working on a test computer (2021 MacBook Pro M1 Pro), but the latency is awful, rendering it useless. Still rocking Mojave on the music desktop...

  • I'm just posting here to throw my name in the hat as I've now got an M1 Macbook Air. I've yet to test the Mystery Island plugin, but for now, my Virus is on my Windows workstation and is becoming the one thing making it tough for me to decide on whether I build a new studio PC or upgrade to Mac Studio.

    I like the Virus Ti2 Desktop in my studio and would like to use it for live performance, but it has been so tempting to sell and stick with soft synths in its place and replace it with a different hard synth.

    Fingers crossed that Access might have something up their sleeve. I know their support does seem to exist having had to deal with them already, but there are a few quirks that I'm just hoping to see fixed, both in OS compatibility and bugs in the DSP, like issues with delays on analog outputs.

    EDIT: I do have to say that I do like the Mystery Island solution using aggregated audio interfaces in MacOS. I tried using the ASIO4ALL plugin for Windows with no success. The only reason I considered it for Windows is I also have a Yamaha MODX6 in my studio which has it's own built in audio interface, so I'm using aggregated audio on MacOS to address all 6 inputs on the Virus and all 10 inputs on the MODX. Aside from ASIO4ALL not working for me at all, it only saw 2 inputs on the MODX when I want a bit more discreet audio inputs on the MODX. So far I've been able to successfully use all USB audio inputs from the Virus as well as all audio inputs from the MODX on MacOS. Not on Windows, so looks like my decision is starting to be made for me on a desktop upgrade.