Unable to use my Virus Ti 2 with Mac Book Pro 2018 with Mojave OS.

  • Hello, I own two Virus TI 2 Desktop.

    The problem is that I can't use them with my new laptop Mac book pro with Mojave OS. The plugin don't detect the virus ti neither the Virus Control Center.

    The virus is USB, and the computer is Thunderbolt 3. I am using El gato Thunderbolt HUB and Docking Station and the virus usb is connected to the HUB.

    I also tried to connect the virus using a USB to Thunderbolt adapter but Is not working.

    Please let me know how to be able to use my Virus TI 2 desktop with Mojave and a Thunderbolt 3 Laptop.

    On the attached screenshot you can notice that the Virus TI is detected by the computer as a USB device 3.0 , how ever its not detected by the control center neither the plugin don't detect the device.