Got my Virus TI2. Got a Question About Mono Legato

  • I’ve had many workstations over the years that sounded great, but I’m excited to have finally acquired my first dedicated synth. I have one question that I couldn’t find in the manual. Is mono legato available or is it just mono retrigger? If I have a lead sound with a short attack and decay, with a low sustain in the filter envelope. But I hear legato notes retrigger the envelope and not glide smoothly at the filter sustain level. I’ve only had the board one day so I could be missing something. Thanks for any help you all can provide!

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Got my Virus TI2” to “Got my Virus TI2. Got a Question About Mono Legato”.
  • Congratulations to your new acquisition!

    There are 4 different Mono modes available. They are described in the manual as follows:

    Quote from Virus TI Reference, p 35



    Key Mode

    Value Meaning
    Poly Polyphonic
    Mono 1 Monophonic, multi-trigger, full portamento
    Mono 2 Monophonic, multi-trigger, legato portamento
    Mono 3 Monophonic, single-trigger, full portamento
    Mono 4 Monophonic, single-trigger, legato portamento
    Hold Polyphonic. Notes are held until they are all released and a new note is played.

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