Finally, I have a Virus (TI2)

  • I wanted a VA synth for so long and finally bought a Waldorf Kyra 3 months ago. A lot of people claim the Kyra is the long-awaited successor of the Access Virus. I never had a Virus, but recently I had the change to buy a secondhand TI2 Desktop. I was prepared to dive into the Virus and do a comparison between those two synths. After a couple of weeks testing and comparing, I come up to a rather shocking conclusion. The Kyra is no way a replacement of the Virus! And although the Kyra is a fine synth, I’m afraid it will take a long time till the Kyra reaches power and the versatility of the Virus. The Kyra holds the future, build upon a FPGA processor. The 56K DSP reached the end of life, but Kemper and his fellows managed to build a damn fine synthesizer around that chip. Although it is around for more than a decade, I think the Virus is still very relevant!