Returning to the Virus after a while away

  • Hi to you all, it's great to see the forum is still being used well and a source of really excellent things.

    I used to have a Ti2 Desktop which I sold after moving towards Eurorack / modular, but over the last year I've been missing it's sound. Anyway, I bought a Snow and loved iy so much I've got a Polar on the way as I miss the extra controls my desktop used to have. I'm not worried about a lack of integration (I'm a Mac Catalina user) other than the occasional renaming / moving around of patches as I think the hardware is very well designed for programming. And I genuinely think we will get an updated plugin so that will be good.

    It's hilarious that after all this time, the Vocoder still hasn't been documented in a video.

    I don't have anything recorded that uses the Virus yet; all my stuff is Modular with my Casio CZ-1. But for those of you who may be interested (or bored!) here you go:

    I'm into 1950's sound weirdness and Space music..