NOVA : Cinematic Atmosphere ” with 224 Virus Ti presets

  • NOVA : Cinematic Atmosphere ” includes 224 Virus Ti presets files that you can layer and use and extend in ways that will allow you to completely score your project with lush emotional sounds and tones that will bring your audience to the edges of their seats.

    Among other things we have ready bass / arps sequences. There are also melody sequences. In addition, Single Pads, plucks, various sound effects. In the TIME SEQ group you will find rhythmic sound sequences.

    What can be a lot more difficult is finding the right tones and sounds to fill the spaces in between. Sometimes you just need a little bit of an emotional tone or texture to give your quieter moments more depth.

    Samples are often used too often in different productions. The advantage of this pack is that the sounds were created from scratch and have never been used before. We hope that the "one sound" you are looking for is in this package and will inspire YOU to create something new.

    Whether it's a movie or another music single

    Our second priority in the production of this bank was to create sounds that sound innovative. We hope that it will bring some freshness to this Access Virus Ti equipment.

    The sounds inside are also well suited to be used musically within genres including Ambient , Trance ,Drum and Bass, Atmospheric Trap & RnB, Chill Pop, Downtempo and many more.

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