Virus / Logic X 10.5.0 / Build Version 5283 / OSX 10.14.6 - TI Plugin installs but will not load in multi mode.

  • Just found a fresh bug with the new version of Logic.

    Check the first screenshot link and you can see that there are listings for 16 and 25 multi-output modes, this should only be 1 listing for 3. If you select either one of these modes you get error message in the second screenshot. I unfortunately cannot rollback to 10.4 as this is a brand new setup and the installation updated my new Mac Pro and MacBook at the same time so I'm essentially blocked from using one of my primary tools in my primary DAW on either one of my computers. I'd advise Logic users to avoid installing the new update because of this.

    Please note that the Stereo mode version of the Plug in does work however.

    [Blocked Image: ]

    [Blocked Image: ]

    Marc Any chance we'll see a fix for this soon? This is a major functionality impairment.

  • The solution is simply but it can only be done if you have Logic Pro 10.4.8.

    Delete: User --> Library --> Caches --> AudioUnitCache

    Open Logic Pro 10.4.8 and let the Plugin Validation do it's job.

    Then open Logic Pro 10.5 and don't ever touch AudioUnitCache again.

    Make several backups of your AudioUnitCache file if possible.

    Getting Logic Pro 10.4.8 is a different story though. I accidentaly upgraded to 10.5 and did not have a backup. I've actually been on the phone with Apple for almost an hour and they simply couldn't give me a simple download link to 10.4.8. What I did was download 10.4.8 from a torrent so I could run the Plugin Validation and then open my legit version of LPX 10.5 again.. ridiculous but the only solution for now..