FM modulation

  • hi I’m new to the virus sound design and I was wondering when using the FM dial which Oscillator modulates the other i.e is Osc 1 modding 2 or is it the other way around as finding videos is hard to find on the net thanks

  • Hello stu76 and welcome!,

    Osc 1 modulates Osc 2. You can hear the effect in isolation by turning the Osc Balance knob all the way to Osc 2, then adjusting the FM Amount. If you turn Osc Bal all the way to Osc 1 you will not hear any changes with the FM Amount.

    Also try the Phase Mod selection in the Osc 2 Wavetable modes. It's a little cleaner sounding and with using sines waves you can replicate very basic (2 Operator) DX tones! And don't forget trying the Waveshaper parameter in the Filter Saturation section, also great for increasing timbre complexity!


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