Virus with High Sierra.. What‘s that noise???

  • Hello,

    I‘m new in the TI world, having a TI1 Polar now and no expirience with TI. But I know that the system doesn‘t work as it should.

    Macbook Pro with High Sierra

    Ableton Live 10.1.5

    Problem: After opening the Virus VST there is a low audio signal from Virus every 1-2 seconds ‚tick..tick..tick..‘. In I play the Virus I hear a distorted sound that sounds totally different to that Patch that is shown in the display. Deleting and re-opening the VST solves this issue, but isn‘t a solution.
    Changing the USB-port or also using another cable doesn‘t help. I‘ve also tried the older version of Virus VST, it‘s the same issue.

    Somebody has an idea or hopefully the solution for that problem?

    Would be great!