Loose contacts or similar issues

  • Hi guys,

    I have my Virus Ti2 Desktop since 11 years already and recently it started to behave weird.

    I tried it on both FL20 on Windows 10 and Logic Pro X on OSX 10.12 Sierra.

    It started a few weeks ago when out of nowhere my Virus would suddenly switch "itself" on and randomly go to random settings like LFO Destination really fast and would set the transpose to either max or lowest value immediately.

    I then performed a factory reset and updated it via Control which stopped the random switch ons.

    However when I used the virus via Logic Pro X recently it would behave weird again while in use and went through Filter Mode real fast constantly and kept automatically switching on and off env mode of the LFO of the currently selected patch really fast which I could even see in the Virus Plugin in Logic while going to the Edit FX windows on the virus display and flickering all the lights of both Filter Mode and LFO env mode. Nedless to say that it completely messed up all the sounds I had programmed before.

    If I switch it on without using it in a DAW it will immediately go to the Edit FX Distortion section on its screen and if I exit that will go back to it after a while. It also shows all ROM- A to ROM-Z presets as empty.

    Is there any fix or way to repair that or will I have to buy a new one as long as they are still available?

    Disclaimer: I never dropped it, spilled liquid on it or damaged it otherwise, it literally stood on my desk for the past 11 years.

    Kind regards.