MOD wheel sets the zero to current position at startup... weird!

  • It seems that my Virus Ti2 Polar will set the position of the MOD wheel at startup to be CC=0. So if it's in the middle position at startup, it will regard that as CC=0.

    But more interesting is that if the MOD wheel is not turned all the way down at startup, and is then turned down after startup. The MOD wheel will stop working.

    Meaning that if it's in middle position at startup, and is then moved to zero, it will stop to respond.

    However if the MOD wheel is at zero position when I start up the synth, it works flawlessly, 0 at lowest position, and 127 at top position

    So the MOD wheel works, if I remember to have the MOD wheel at zero at startup.

    But I'm wondering if this is the expected behaviour? Or possibly a firmware bug? I'm running firmware