Sequencer Mode - MIDI Channels

  • Hey!

    For those of you who might not be able to use TI because of Catalina, and/or have the same trouble as me:

    I like the Sequencer mode way better then multimode. But in my current Setup, I only have one MIDI port to send MIDI to my Synths. as I have more then one Synth, Sequencer Mode caused some trouble, always responding to all MIDI channels. After struggling a lot and fiddling around with Multimode I remembered the RK002 Cable from RetroKits that has a little microcontroller in one of its Midiconnectors.

    I wrote a little firmware (that’s really easy if you a familiar with Arduino) that only let’s Midi Commands for channel 1 to 10 pass.

    it works like a blast! now I still have 6 MIDI channels left for all the other gear in my studio.

    If people are interested, I can publish it on the rk website (or send it directly with a custom channel setup).