Fresh New El Capitan (OSX 10.11.6) Install on Mac Mini Mid-2011/MC815LL/A/Macmini5,1 AND Error

  • Hi there everyone.

    I've been lurking around this forum for solutions but no luck.

    I just did a fresh fresh El Capitan (OSX 10.11.6) Install on my Mac Mini Mid-2011 and I am getting the "MIDI driver failed" Error.
    I tried every manipulation to reset the Virus as described on the hardware and re-install the driver package from the support page, but no luck.

    I don't see why it won't work.

    Any ideas? I've heard about MTT USB Hub but I've never heard of them before. How to properly identify them? Are they really a fix?

    EDIT: For Clarification, I own a virus TI 2 desktop. Futhermore, this Virus Ti 2 and the same USB Cable that I use in this setup DOES WORK on a Late 2013 Macbook Pro 15". So I know that this device and that cable do work on a seperate computer. I just don't understand why it wont work with a Mac Mini.

    (There are absolutely no other software installed on the computer, its fresh fresh fresh...)

    Thank you so much,